Eminem Net Worth 2021

Eminem Net Worth
Eminem Net Worth

A 44-year-old rapper Eminem full name is Marshall Mathers. Eminem originally from Missouri. Influential American rapper hip hop is a challenging stereotype in rap music.

  • Net Worth: $210 million.
  • Age: 46.
  • Born: October 17, 1972.
  • Country of Origin: United States of America.
  • Source of Wealth: Rapper/Hip Hop Artist.

Eminem Net worth :

According to a report in 2019, Eminem estimated net worth is $210 million. Which makes him one of the richest rapper in the world.

Source :

His source of income is singing, songwriting, and acting. He also releases his music albums which makes his net worth grow.

Previous year income :

2019: $210 million.
2018: $160 million.
2017: $98 million.
2016: $11 million.

House :

Eminem born in Missouri. Then, grew up in Detroit. Michigan where he lived in most of his career time. It’s covers the area of 8,900 square feet which he bought in 2000 for $1.5 million. Then in 2003, he bought another house for $4.75 million which later he sold it in 2007 for just $2 million.


Eminem owned 12 cars which we only dream of it. He also has Huge car collection i.e. Ferrari 575, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Ford GT, Audi R8 Spyder, Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche 911 GT3 Rs 4.0, Porsche 911 GT2 Rs, Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari 599 GTO, and Mclaren Mp4-12c.


Eminem doesn’t have much in the property he owned 2 mansions and sells one mention. And, He has a primary house where he lives most of the time.

Early life :

Born on 17th October in 1972 and named as Marshall Mathers. In St Joseph Missouri, Marshall father Bruce left them and run away to California to start a new family. Where Eminem rough childhood begins. He also bullied and beat up in school. He is a victim of a racial beating because of that time his family lives in Detroit. And, Their home was in the majorly black neighborhoods. His mother was bad he threw him out of the house and often neglect him.

He was very passionate about storytelling and comic books. Then, He discovered his interest in hip hop. Whenever his mom went to play bingo marshall turned up his stereo and start writing his songs. When he was 17 years old he dropped out of Lincoln high school. Then, He works in various jobs for paying his bills.

Career :

At the age of 14 years, young Eminem started performing in rap battles with the friend mike ruby. Time goes and his reputation grows with time. Because of that several rap groups recruited him including soul intent, new jack, and D12. After growing he releases his first solo album in 1996. And, It was a flop because of his style people feel that his style was not for hip hop. But, Eminem keeps writing rhymes.

In the year 1997, Dr.Dre noticed Eminem, Dr.dre. Eminem and Dr.dre start working together. After two years, they release the song “The Slim Shady Lp” which hits the platinum. After the success, Eminem had released many albums where the 40 million copies were sold only in Us. Where Eminem never stops and collaborated with many artists. Then, He started his own based story movie.

In today’s time, Eminem is considered one of the best or you can say only the best rapper. Who worked with almost every musician which includes namely Drake, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, 50 cents, Ed Sheeran and many Many more.

 Some facts about Eminem:

  • When Eminem was a 6-month-old baby his father Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. And his mother Deborah R. Nelson Mathers got a divorce. Because of that during his childhood, he sends latter to his father and tries to contact him were each later returned unread.
  • In 2002 Scott silver written and directed by Curtis Hanson. They also release the movie “8 miles” in 2002, it was a real story based on upbringing and becoming the best rapper on Eminem. The title “8 miles” mentions the 8-mile road the highway between the Watne county and the predominantly black city of Detroit. And, Macomb country suburbs and predominantly white Oakland county the film was mostly filmed on that location.
  • His solo first album which was released in 2000 “Marshall matters up” did not love by many peoples. But, It held the record of selling more than 1.76 million copies alone in the US in its first week.
  • Eminem ranked #83 in the list of 100 greatest artists of all time.
  • He holds 13 Grammy in his overall career.
  • Some of his awards are Billboard music award, Brit awards, academy awards, vibe magazine special awards, MOBO awards.
  • DeAngelo sued him in a lawsuit for $1 million for making a wrong story as in his rap “Brain damage.” Eminem says about DeAngelo that because DeAngelo beat him that extent that Eminem brain Haemorrhage because of that he was in a coma for several months.
  • As a single mother Deborah R.Nelson Mathers. It was tough for her to make both ends meet. She hardly services in one job for 6 to 7 months. Because of that Eminem life shuttled between Michigan and Missouri. So, He has to change his school twice or thrice in the year. Because of that he never had a friend that made him introvert and shy.
  • Eminem was unhappy and fall in stressed and depressed because of his unhappy married life. Which ends up on divorce in 2000. Then, They remarried in 2006 and once again ends upon divorce. Because he goes into a depression to avoid it he takes 20 painkillers at a time. He was nearly about to die if he has been 10 min late to reach the hospital.

Summary :

The estimated value of net worth is $210 million hip hop artist and rapper who holds the record of the 20th richest rapper in worldwide, white men with black music have a golden heart helps many other artists or people who deal with the problem of life. He also has become the inspiration for many artists or upcoming rappers.


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