Kylie Jenner Net Worth 2021

Kylie Jenner Net Worth
Kylie Jenner Net Worth

Sister of Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner is a model. American reality television personality, entrepreneur, social media personality and socialite. She has shown in the tv show “keeping up with the Kardashians.” where she got famous. She has built her millions of empire by her Kylie cosmetics brand.

Net Worth: $900 Million.
Age: 21.
Born: August 10, 1997.
Country of Origin: United States of America.
Source of Wealth: TV Personality/Model.

Kylie Jenner Net worth :

Kylie was in the news that she had made her net worth $900 million.

Source :

She earns money from Endorsement, acting, and her kylie cosmetic company.

Previous year income :

  • 2019: $900 million.
  • 2018: $800 million.
  • 2017: $710 million.
  • 2016: $630 million.


She owned some famous houses like Los Angeles home at the cost of $16 million. She also holds a house in Beverly Hills costs of $35 million. Kylie purchases a house in hidden hills. She also buys a house in California at $2.1 million. She owns a real estate house in the costs of $13.45 million.

Cars :

She collected some of the famous cars Orange Lamborghini Aventador, LA Ferrari, Ferrari Spiders, Vintage Rolls-Royce, Yellow Ferrari 488 Spider, Black Mercedes G-Wagon, Range Rover, Autobiography, Land Rover, White Rolls Royce Ghost, Maroon Mercedes G-Wagon.

Early life :

Kris and Bruce Jenner little daughter born on the 10th of August 1997 in Los Angeles California belongs to the famous Kardashian family. She is a stepsister of Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian. She attended Sierra canyon school where she becomes a member of the cheerleading team. In 2012, She started getting an education in the home as home-schooled. She graduated in 2015 from a high school diploma in 2015.

She has grown up in the spotlight of famous siblings. Her father is a famous former Olympic gold medallist Bruce Jenner, but later he announced that he is transgender and transform into a lady look, and changed his name from Bruce to Caitlyn. She has her own older sister Kendall, and also three-step sister and one step-sister with her mother first marriage. She attended private Sierra canyon school and got a high school diploma from Lauren springs high school,

Her family was gone viral after the expose of a sex tape of Kim Kardashian. Where Kim got media attention, and her family got a debuted in reality show series on television. Where all family member comes in the eye of the people and all etched a place in pop culture history.


Kylie is the youngest child of the successful socialite family. She is always going to have a part of success in her hand. She appeared in the Kardashian Tv series when she was just ten years old which set her future success. After computing the graduation, she started doing reality shows and doing endorsements for modeling gigs and social media promotions. She requests her family ‘to launch her business ventures in cosmetics as kylie cosmetics, from which she earned millions from sales with her signature as kylie lip kit.

The amassed the social media following in 2015, and she named as the most influential teen in a magazine. She dates Rappers Travis Scott in 2017 after that she showed in the news that she is pregnant, but no one of family member confirmed that not Kylie too. In Nov a photographer snapshot her baby bump which she was trying to hide in baggy clothes. In February 2018 she gave birth to a baby girl and uploaded the 11-minute videos which show her mother birth to her and saying sweet words and the journey of her when she was pregnant.

Some facts :

  • She was a cheerleader in her high school. Kendall also in the same squad till Kylie left and home-schooled.
  • Once her mother Kris drunken and had a tattooed on her of Kendall and Kylie names. Later she said that she didn’t have enough space for four other kids.
  • She earned $100,000 in 2011. Just by letting the OPI name a nail polish line after her and Kendall, for that she had to attend a one-day media tour. One-day photoshoot and has to tweet in the tweeter and blog about the polished in their own time.
  • She did not want to be famous, and she admired in front of Kim and Kourtney in the latest season of KUWTK that she feels deep down inside; she isn’t supposed to be famous.
  • Her favorite emoji is a party horn. She also said she used it all the time.
  • Her middle name is Kristen.
  • In the summer of 2015, Tyga admitted love for Kylie when she was just 17 years old.
  • Tyga gifted kylie Mercedes SUV (red) on her 18th birthday. Later the news gets famous that Tyga gifted her the car of his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna. It was just repented because of the license plate match the black Chyna car number which she once drove.
  • Kylie texts her stepsister Chloe four times in a week and asks about food.
  • She lives chocolates but hates chocolate cake.
  • She gets nervous talking in public she hates it. Once in the echo, she said my favorite food is soccer and basketball in a school presentation.
  • Kylie takes 2 hours to finish her face makeup.
  • She reads all her Instagram posts comments. If she sees so much negative feedback, she deletes that post and reloads it.
  • She is more like her sister Khloe and her brother Rob, but all compare her with Kim.

Summary :

She has recently given birth to her sweet daughter. So, Let’s see what the next few years brought in her life for her and Travis and her baby girl. Kylie Jenner estimated net worth is $900 million.


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